In 1941, a German U-boat carrying specially-trained psychics and a master craftsman left port bound for Canada’s east coast. It never returned.

Peter Beck is a single, middle-aged diver contemplating a lonely and uncertain future after realizing his days of exploring shipwrecks for artifacts are coming to an end. 

When he is informed of his long-estranged grandmother’s deathPeter returns to the remote fishing village he thought he had left for good, and uncovers a truth that shakes the foundations of everything he’s ever believed.

Now, as freak occurrences of nature terrorize the residents of Rogue’s Cove, Peter searches for an artifact that could change history. But to find it, he must dive into a swirling vortex of magic, mystery and murder—emanating from a place they call . . . the Hell Hole.


Coming Summer 2018 on Kindle, iBooks and Kobo!